Womens Ring Mule Leopard

SKU: 850007016500


Thanks to the Comtesse d’Olonne, the most beautiful and provocative bon vivant of the 1600s, the ultra-comfortable mule slipper escaped the boudoir and entered public life. Now, hundreds of years later, the mule has very little scandal to account for (unless leisure is deemed salacious). It also has a slight backing, making it more than a slipper. These Ring Mules from Quoddy are, however, just as comfortable and easy. Crafted from premium leather with a chrome pack outsole and comfortable cushioned leather footbed. Ideal for those unfussy days at home or in town. Women’s sizes: 7–10, whole & half sizes. Constructed in USA from domestic and imported materials.

Color: Leopard. 

Price: $249

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