Work at J.W. Hulme Co.

Master Sewer

Title: Master Sewer

Reports to: Factory Supervisor

Compensation:Full Time or Seasonal, Hourly

Position Summary:
Main job function is to sew and teach/support the sewing of quality products using the highest sewing abilities, knowledge and efficiency. Supports Plant Manager. 

Primary responsibilities:
- Highest level of quality and efficient sewing 
- Maintain full knowledge of sewing construction on all products 
- Follow construction instructions from leads 
- Instruct other sewers 
- Routine machine adjustments 

Required Skills:
- Handling of 18oz fabric with leather 
- Handling of up to 3 layers of 5oz leathers 
- Routine handling of 9oz leathers 
- Understands all zipper applications 
- Ability to sew larger leather bags 
- Ability to sew welting, binding and fitting of all bag ends 
- Ability run all machines 
- Ability to communicate instructions 
- Has one of the following additional skills: pattern making, leather cutting, fabric cutting, sample sewing, sales support 

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