Dear Loyal and Future J.W. Hulme Customers,

We spent much of 2018 working on changes to our business to ensure that J.W. Hulme is strong and sustainable for many years to come.

We have streamlined our product assortment, allowing us to bring in new collections that we’ll announce through the coming year. This also ensures that our high-quality standards are delivered consistently across the product line. We’ve also widened our manufacturing base to include some of the highest quality leather goods makers from the U.S. and across the world; and we’ve partnered with our leather suppliers to source top quality American hides that deliver the beautiful, natural, full-grain leather you expect from us. Finally, we are planning to open our flagship store later in the spring, right here in our home town of St. Paul.

We’re delighted to share the benefit of these changes with you by offering new prices across our line. Our goal is to continue to offer heirloom quality pieces while enabling more people to enjoy the pride and pleasure of owning J.W. Hulme leather bags and accessories.

Thank you for choosing us, and I look forward to your feedback.

Claire Powell signature
Claire Powell
CEO | J.W. Hulme