Tennessean Canoe



A few things you learn on the water. Be in the moment. Pay attention. Don’t rush (unless you have to). Good advice. It’s the same in the wood shop. Each Merrimack Tennessean Canoe is built one at a time, by a craftsperson using his or her hands and simple tools. Each piece comes signed by the builder and is not only a functioning vessel impeccably crafted but also a functioning work of art of impeccable taste. As they say on the water, whether it’s cold or warm, calm or rough, if the portage has blowdown or is clear, in shallow or deep, still or rapid… it is what it is. A great day.

The Tennessean is a versatile and exceptional all-around canoe well suited for beginners and skilled canoeists. Ideal for solo or tandem trips or simply fishing on the lake. It’s spacious enough for weekend excursions and can hold heavier gear loads for longer solo trips. The perfect mix of maneuverability, speed, and stability, the Tennessean weighs a manageable (i.e., movable) 45 lbs. for transfer in and out of the water. Cherry ribs for strength and rigidity. The hardwood appointments, including the gunnels, seats, and thwart are rounded out with a handsome gel-coat painted finish. Fiberglass and wood construction. Be sure to store in plain sight for all to see (people will ask about it).

  • No. TEN-FG-SC
  • Beam 35”, Depth 11.5”, Bow Height 20”. Length 14.5’. Capacity: 625 lbs.
  • Glacier Green Color
  • Handcrafted by Merrimack Canoe Company artisans in Winona, Minnesota, USA.

Price: $3495


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