Out & About Folding Chair

SKU: 2122A


Consider this folding chair in lieu of bleachers, tree stumps, wet grass, concrete, those horrendous plastic things at your brother’s house, or, really, anyplace where seating is non-existent or uncomfortable. Folded up, this chair has two handles for carrying and can be used as a walking stick. When you do find your spot, it opens easily into an exceedingly comfortable chair with a striking green seat. People will admire your choices (and ask where you got it). The framework is constructed from aluminum, so it is sturdy but extremely light at only 4.5 lbs. The walking height is  36” and the height of  the seat when opened out  is 15.5”. Holds up to 275 lbs. The most ingenious seat you can take with you.

Color: Green. Made in the United Kingdom.

Price: $120

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