Sydney Oversize Tote Bubblegum Pink

SKU: 13086

$299 $395

Totes are your fave because they are timeless, carry everything, last forever, and offer unrivaled versatility. What other bag appeals to moms, creatives, weekenders, and executives (we know a lot of you do it all). Our Sydney Tote is crafted from 100% full-grain aniline leather sourced and tanned in the USA. Interior zipper pocket. Unlined. Extremely ample and will carry all your essentials as well as a laptop, a sweater, books, and a beach ball (a small one). Dimensions: 19”W x 14.5”H x 6.5”D. Colors: Bubblegum Pink, Blood Orange, Jade Turquoise. Made in the USA. Price: $395.



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