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GEAR PATROL - "A Visit to J.W. Hulme"HUFFINGTON POST - "Holiday Gift Guide"OCEAN HOME MAGAZINE - "Holiday Gift Guide"KARE 11 SATURDAY - "Travel & Gadgets for 2013"PIONEER PRESS - "Tech Gift Guide: How About Something for the Apple, Ahem, of Your Eye"ABC NEWS - "Made in America Gift Guide"

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MINNESOTA BUSINESS MAGAZINE - "Minnesota Business Executive of the Year"MINNESOTA BUSINESS MAGAZINE - "Minnesota Business Manufacturing Awards"50 BUILT - "Interview with Jen Guarino"CASSANDRA DAILY - "We’re An American Brand"SFGATE - "Fendrihan introduces J.W. Hulme Leather Goods to Canada"KITTEN LOUNGE - "Wearable Wednesdays - His Style"HUFFINGTON POST - "Holiday Gift Guide: Shop American Made"WCCO TV - "Bob Dylan gift"

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SAVOR HOME - "Brown Baggin' It"WCCO TV - "The Madonna Bag"BUSINESS WIRE - "J.W. Hulme Partners with Brooks Brothers for Collection of Co-Branded Leather Accessories"STORMSISTER SPATIQUE - "Maiden Minnesota"TC STYLE - "Carry It Off"

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FOX NEWS - "Staying True to Made in America"32 MAGAZINE - "Made in Minnesota"PIONEER PRESS - "For local accessory makers, no iPhone detail is too small"TC STYLE - "Carry It Off"MY MUSE COMES AND GOES - "Chocolate"

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THE FASHION MAGPIE - "Horsing Around"MINNESOTA MONTHLY - "Arts, Theater, Fashion"SHARP FOR MEN- "9 Perfect Bags"

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