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Quoddy Faribault Woolen Mills NorthernGRADE Made Collection


Faribault Woolen Mill


Made Collection

Every Quoddy is made-to-order by an individual craftsperson. Quoddy harkens back to the time when hand-made was the norm, when output was measured in dozens, not thousands

The Faribault Woolen Mill Company is one of the only fully integrated woolen mills still in existence today in America. The company is built on the banks of the Cannon River in Faribault, Minnesota dating back to 1865. It has the seamless ability to take raw, uncleaned wool from ranchers, and performs all of the intermediary processes to create beautiful finished product of the highest quality.

We are a mobile menswear market open to the public consumer. We invite brands who are manufacturing their products in these United States, and provide well-made goods. At our markets you will find everything you need: clothing, footwear, gear, games, paddles, paper goods, grooming supplies + more things you did not know you need.

Made Collection curates premium Made in USA products and is dedicated to a resurgence in American manufacturing.

Maker's Row Makers Coalition

Maker's Row

The Makers Coalition

Our mission is to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access. From large corporations to first time designers, we are providing unparalleled access to industry-specific factories and suppliers across the United States.

The Makers Coalition is a movement to restore and build the industrial sewing heritage of America. We are working together to find, train and employ a proud, creative and skilled workforce for today and future generations.