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j.w. hulme bison leather rucksack hanging from the back of a chair

We're proud to be able to say it again

Made in America Collection

Classic J.W. Hulme leather bag and apparel designs - and a creative selection of other unique items - all made here in the United States.

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Our Philosophy

100 years ago, we got our hands dirty making tents for soldiers. We pulled, stretched, dyed, and sewed those tents by hand. The best tents in the world. Tents that lasted a lifetime.

Today, J.W. Hulme is a brand synonymous with heritage goods made by craftswomen and craftsmen the world over. Curated items you want. You need. Some you just have to have.

Whether your aim is luxury, adventure, or hopefully some misadventure, the things you spend your money on are only as good as the hands who make them.
If it was easy, everyone would do it.
Lucky for us, they don’t.

J.W. Hulme

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