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Gokey-Inspired Sporting Originals

Did you know J.W. Hulme used to be a primary designer and manufacturer of Gokey bags? It's true. We still use the same high quality canvas, leather, and webbing materials used in the original heirloom bags. Except now we finish each bag with solid brass hardware (the originals were plated), making our products even better. Check out our Sporting Originals canvas carry-on bags and luggage.

Distressed  Brown Leather Duffle/Duffel Bag Gently Distressed Tan Leather Duffle/Duffel Bag Green Canvas Duffle/Duffel Bag with Leather Trim Distressed Leather Leather Duffle/Duffel Bag Carry
American Heritage Leather Saddle Heritage Leather Signature Green Canvas American Heritage Leather
 Small, Graystone Waxed Canvas Duffel Bag Distressed Leather Leather Duffle/Duffel Bag Carry
Graystone Canvas Saddle Heritage Leather